South Lombok

So far Lombok had been a dream – untouched beaches, clear waters, delectable food and friendly locals. Continuing from our previous post after our stay at Senggigi we headed to stay at south of Lombok. Again we wanted to keep the plan fluid hence only booked one day stay. We stayed at Pipe dream villas and Mana Retreat you can read my review of our stay on these links – Pipe dream review & Mana review.

Jalan Raya Kuta

As we entered Kuta, we could see a lot more tourist than we saw at Senggigi, because most of the travelers had come to surf in the famous breaks of Kuta and around but again this was way less than what the place saw in other years. We realized that Senggigi had upscale resorts whereas Kuta had simpler accommodation. Nevertheless a booming cafe culture could be seen here.

Instagrammable cafes surround Kuta – this one is “BAMBA”
Milk Espresso cafe
Delish breakfast diaries


Mana Retreat – chill time..!!
Evening ginger tea and a vegan chocolate snack
A bowl full of goodness.
Strolling somewhere behind the Jl. Raya Kuta road

Sunset trip to Tanjung aan beach

Even though we reached Kuta late afternoon, our feet were getting itchy hence we hired a car here and went exploring Tanjung aan beach, heard about it’s sunset point. However upon reaching we were pretty excited to find the entire beach to ourselves, so sunset point would have to wait until our next trip. No matter how many times we found an empty beach in Lombok, we were still pleasantly surprised each time 🙂



Pink beach – So Is It Really Pink?

We planned another snorkel trip, this time to the pink beach area. Yes, apart from Komodo islands, Lombok also has its very own pink beach towards the south east coast of the island..!! As we approached the beach it was clear it wasn’t pink but looked like usual white sand. But when we looked closely, sand sized grains of red coral were mixed in the white sand. It was more like peach color. Our boat captain told us that at sunrise and sunset the beach appears pink.

Approaching Pink beach


We snorkeled around the islands near this beach. On our way back we stopped at an island which is visible only during low tide, due to which we found so many starfish in the area, waiting to be taken away by the high tide later. We took some aerial shots of this place.


Can you see the six shadows? That’s us.


Surf’s up

The main reason for us to travel down south was to learn some surfing for which we went to Selong Belanak beach. I can safely say that after falling and tumbling in the waves numerous times we could finally stand on the board. Alas, due to paucity of time we had to end our tête-à-tête with the waves.

View enroute Selong Belanak


Selong Belanak – a beginner’s surfing beach



Fishing boats in the vicinity
Waiting for the wave
Wave good enough for a few only, rest await a bigger one.
Village area around the beach

Lombok was spectacular, we left but with a promise to return soon..!!

One thought on “South Lombok

  1. Hi Nandita!
    Another great picture story, Lombok seem to be a paradise for beach lovers and surfers.
    Pictures are remarkable and self explanatory.
    Carry on, let us know the world through your lenses.
    Well done


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