Touchdown Indonesia

Hey folks, it’s been a while since I posted. I have travelled to a few countries since my last post about the trip to Netherlands. Nevertheless, I will post about the most recent trip to Indonesia.

We were craving a tropical beach vacation and have always wanted to travel to South East Asia, hence Indonesia was a first choice as it offers varied landscapes as well as some great islands which are yet to be discovered by mainstream tourism. As we were drawing close to the travel date news broke about the unfortunate crash of Lion Air flight JT 610 flying from Jakarta on 29th October. This was the airline’s second incident in 2018. I would have to say that when you choose to travel domestic in Indonesia Garuda airlines would be a more reliable option, even though it is a tad bit expensive than other airlines.

This post is dedicated to Jakarta airports and what we loved about them. We arrived at CGK terminal 2 arrivals which instantly gave us tropical feels and set the mood for the rest of the journey. We were glad to find no queue at the visa on arrival counter, such a rare sight at airports these days.

CGK terminal 2 arrivals – tropical feels
No queue at the visa on arrival counter at Terminal 2 arrivals

We quickly moved to Terminal 3 for our onward journey. I have to say we were pretty impressed by Jakarta Terminal 3, especially the wall art around the fire extinguisher, so creative!! I will leave you with some pictures until the next post about a beautiful Indonesian island.



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