Journey into Ngorongoro

Hello folks, this is the fourth and the last part of our Tanzanian safari adventure. the previous parts can be read here From endless plains to craterEndless plainsOn the count of three – “Africa”.

Day 5: With the little sleep I got, I woke up at 6 am. It was freezing cold. Good thing the public camping site had hot water running because Karatu town is not far from Ngorongoro and such arrangements are easy it seemed. We got ready to roll by 7 am after a quick breakfast.

Ready to roll- Lake magadi in the background

As we descended the crater rim, we saw the biggest herd of wildebeest we came across so far in our Safari. I was happy to see them in this big broup, as I thought they had all migrated to Northern Serengeti. But our guide told us that the ones in the crater stay here and keep moving around inside the crater. Since their numbers are small and they have enough food for everyone in the crater, why should they migrate.


As we moved towards lake Magadi we could see the greater and lesser flamingos. A lovely sight! We spent sometime there, as many other types of birds and animals could be spotted around it. Where there is water, be sure of spotting animals.


We saw many birds in the crater, about which I have written in detail in my post Birdie birdie in the sky..!!


Look who crossed our way- Mr. Hyena.

Beautiful views of the crater!

Jackal sighted too.


After little wait we saw a lioness on our track around some cars. And on the right in the grasses was another lioness. They soon came together, check out their cheerful play.


Couldn’t see any lion in sight. But what we did spot were two Rhinos, very far from us. And this was all of the Rhinos we saw. Have to visit Tanzania again to take a good look at them.

Can you see the two horns of the Rhino here?

And holy moly we saw three lions together. Two right in front of us on the track and the third one on our right. Leslie said three male lions in a pride can sit together if they are brothers. This was the first time in the entire safari that we got a good close look at their mane. They were very close to us, and I would like to believe they were posing for us 😛

Resting and didn’t care about the world – poised and majestic.


After spending a good 20 odd minutes with them we chugged along.

Soon after we spotted another male lion not far away from the our first sighting of the three brothers.



And now we left for the picnic lunch area, which also had the beautiful sightings of the hippo pool and pretty birds.

After lunch we left the crater as we had to leave for Kilimanjaro airport for our onward journey to Zanzibar. This marked the end of our great African safari. I have left a piece of my heart there in those plains. And now I have plentiful reasons to return..!

So tell me which one was your favorite animal from my excerpts? I think mine was Leopard as they were so hard to spot but worth the wait. Leave your comments below.

8 thoughts on “Journey into Ngorongoro

  1. I want to go there….
    Very nice work with your pics, and your history telling is inspiring me to include the safari trip in my bucket list 😬
    Cariños desde America


  2. The ‘Tanzanian safari’ has been described very eloquently. It felt as if I myself had been there.After reading all this, I yearn to visit Tanzania.
    Looking forward to your other works!!


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