Endless plains

This post is in continuation to my last post On the count of three – “Africa” about our travel tales in Tanzania.

Day 3: I woke up around 3 am from the sound of an animal heavily breathing outside our tent. Another sound followed – “chomp chomp”. I figured these may be the Zebra we saw before sleeping. And I lay my head to rest and dozed off only to be woken up by call of the birds. We had a quick breakfast and left for a game drive at 8 am. I was looking forward to see some of big five today. As we left, just outside our campsite we saw zebra and antelopes – Topi & Impala.



Yes, we saw a dead porcupine too, never saw an alive one in the entire trip though.


The morning had become exciting, as we saw huge group of Cape buffaloes. Big five start to unveil.


Soon after we sighted a Lion with his lioness in tall grasses.


Followed by another lioness in the vicinity, rolling the grasses enjoying the morning sun.


And I was enjoying the spectacular views.

IMG_0171 (1).jpg

Camouflaged cheetah mother and baby. The cheetah walk was most elegant.


We left for the hippo pool and saw many a hippos submerged in the river whipping the water with their tails. They lead a largely amphibious lifestyle, taking respite from the harsh African sun during the day and graze at night. I always imagined them to be the cute cuddly animals as they are portrayed in the movies. But i was told they are quite unpredictable and dangerous. :O

But that did not stop Rohit from taking a selfie with the magnificent creatures. 😀

IMG_0178 (1).jpg


Can you see a croc there?



It had been quite a day! First Simba and now Pumba- the warthog 🙂


Two elephants were fighting, but our guide said this was only brotherly love. Haha!


Can you spot the leopard?


Ok, I will zoom in a bit for you. Leopards were by far the most difficult to spot because during the day they would stay up on the tree. Now if someone really wants to see leopards they have to look around on all the trees in the area. A friend said you are very lucky if you spot a leopard. Indeed lucky we were..!!

IMG_3960 (1)


It was time to do some paperwork formalities at Seronera airstrip and to cool off with Tanzanian beer- Serengeti.


We went back for lunch to our campsite where the chef had cooked a very sumptuous meal. We were going to rest for 2 hours, but honestly I could not. It was hot and luckily the hornbills gave me company.

We started our evening drive around 4 pm. We were going to a different circuit. We did not see any predators this time. Just a few birds and gazelles.


But this was our first sighting of the spotted hyena.


Nevertheless an alluring landscape and we enjoyed every bit of the drive and the sunset.

IMG_4493 (1)IMG_4502IMG_4503IMG_4521

This marked the end of the day as we drove back to the campsite, had dinner and retired to bed soon.

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