Welcome to zebracrossingtales. I am excited to begin my journey as a blogger. But before I start penning my tales, here is a little something about me. I am a happy person consumed by wanderlust, and my 24×7 active brain is always making plans and researching about my far-fetched dreams.

I have always had difficulty in writing down my expressions and thoughts. However my recent travels to Africa have forced me to write because there is an ocean of experience bursting in my head and for the first time I felt that this cannot be better explained if not written.

Why I chose the name “zebracrossingtales” for my blog is a funny incident which happened in Tanzania. So we were travelling “pole-pole” (Swahili for slowly slowly) to Serengeti National Park in our safari vehicle enjoying the wildlife en-route when I saw a group of zebras, and immediately alerted our  driver-guide. “Leslie, zebra crossing ahead, watch out..!!”. Leslie stopped the car and started to laugh. He said “I bet you don’t have this kind of a zebra crossing in India”. And we all laughed at the turn of events. Boi, who would have thought what a real zebra crossing looks like. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Karibu..!!

  1. Amazing pictures, the flora and fauna well explained Zebra,antelopes, Cheetah, lion and lioness together and the Leopard on the tree!
    Interesting and informative. ..carry on Zebra crossing !


  2. Compliments to the budding author and the shot clicker..very well composed and full of live flaura n fauna depiction.pictursque… excellent job…keep going..all the best


  3. Just wondering what kept you from penning down your thoughts for so long..you are just amazing at it!! Keep the good work up!! 😃😂


  4. Just wondering what kept you from penning down your thoughts for so long. You are just superb at it..keep the good work up!! 😃😂


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